CHIP Commencement & Testimony

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If you think lifestyle change isn’t easy, try walking to Denver and back while learning to change your diet!  Fortunately, no one walked all that way alone!  This recent (August, 2013) CHIP class picked Denver, CO as their round-trip destination and as a combined class, actually walked and exercised there and back.

The commencement exercises this year were linked with CHEC Wellness, our flagship monthly event bringing great food, sound information, and good friends together on the second Sunday of each month.  The menu was lasagna and vegan cheesecake, the talk was a video presentation by Hans Diehl, and the cooking demonstration was for the vegan cheesecake and was done by Sherlyn Bryant.

But, instead of merely writing about the CHIP program this spring/summer, here’s a link to a tremendous testimony given by one of this session’s graduates:

Author: Wichita CHEC

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