We invite you to utilize the events and resources we offer to revolutionize your health. We hope you aren’t here to improve just one aspect of your health either, because we recognize that our life is more than just our body, but also our relationships, our mind, and our soul. Take a peak at our monthly, CHEC Wellness event (below), give us call, or let us know what you’d like to see offered. Be sure to check back for updates on all the other programs we offer, and friend us on Facebook to see interesting articles, recipes, and research on how to life a healthful lifestyle.

What We Are About

The acronym NEWSTART sums it up by describing how health is best promoted by proper Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunlight, Temperance, Air, Rest, and Trust in God. These eight “doctors” are relatively inexpensive, and available to almost everyone. The human body was designed with intricate and reliable systems to fight bacteria, viruses, and other diseases, but these natural systems can be almost crushed by lifestyles that are common today. We exist as a community service to help you as you seek to revitalize and maintain “Wellness for the Whole Person.”

Upcoming Events